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Vertical Run   J.R.Garber Thriller ****
Game Over Philip Kerr Crime Story-Fantasy **
Making History Stephen Fry Fantasy - Thriller ****

Category: Novel, Thriller
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Author/Title: J.R.Garber - Vertical Run

An ex-soldier of the special forces struggles in dogged way in a business building. Why? You gotta find out yourself! Quaranteed pure exitement and awesome thrill and action. Speed for bored minded persons.

Category: Novel, Fantasy-Thriller
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Author/Title: Philip Kerr - Game over

Content: Some supercomputer locks all doors of a modern business scraper and threatens all people inside.
This bestseller is written in a cold style that matches the story. That might came from translation into German!? The soft ascending thrill needs patience and it´s quite an effort to hold on. The story reminds me of Stanley Kubrick`s movie of `2001´ where another supercomputer (HAL) starts thinking as well. The last third of the novel is very exciting and weird fatals are about to thrill you up.
Many characters in that story are shortly described and some of them are nasty. Too nasty for finding some sympathie for them. In my opinion there should be at least one character in the story to like. That`s the point in this novel: There is no person where I can identfy myself with - at least a little would have been moved my soul.

Category: Novel, Fantasy
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Author: Stephen Fry-Making History

An entertaining story is about to step into reader`s life! You`ll feel enormous dislike when being interrupted by necessities of life like sleep, breakfast-lunch-dinner, a.s.o. The story tells the chances of a student (studying history) changing/altering history !! Well, he finally makes it and changes history and progress since beginnung of 20th century. The main character finds himselves in another unfamiliar America than he knew before (he still has his the "old world" in mind)It takes him a while to adopt... strange situations are on the rise (some of them are told in the manner of a movie script) Getting to the end there was on question left for me: How got Steve in "our" universe/present tense. Give me a note when finding out .-)
The author shows in an entertaining way how his main character got more and more involved to that weird occurrence. Time is running while enjoying this story and there is humor. I appreciate "Making History" that was recommended by Ursel. She supplies me with interesting novels. Thanks!
Note: It would have been interesting when S.Fry had revealed that our present has been the one that was manipulated.

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