Band: Title: Categorie: max score:  5 points
Grant Lee Buffalo  Fuzzy Rock *****
Pat Matheny Group Imaginary Day Jazz-Rock ****
Eels Electro-shock blues Alternative  ***

Categorie: Rock :
Band::  Grant Lee Buffalo
CD-Title:    Fuzzy
Released: 1993

Well arranged guitar-rock with refrains and melodies you know soon by heart. They put reverb effect on the accoustic guitar and singing as well. You will listen with bliss when you`re bored of J.Mellencamp.
Marvelous songs like "Fuzzy" or "Stars and Stripes" let escape your soul to somewhere else. Just great!!

Categorie: Jazz-Rock
Band: Pat Matheny
CD-Title: Imaginary Day
Released: 1998

Spotting the booklet you´ll find out : Just symbols and no letters! The symbols replace letters, so you gotta find out each symbol`s meaning by trial and error! (imho: nice idea)
Listening to the CD you will hear lots of instruments and all are well arranged and the sound  has a wide dynamic range.
The first song catches... you're ears will percept and enjoy opulent and fine percussion work! Another song (they're all instrumental) grooves with a techno-bass on distortion as basic rhythm element. Mellow sounds break the beat once in a while and make you feel comfortable, but it contrasts to the cold techno bass, so listen and try out what you feel about...

Categorie: Alternative
Band: Eels
CD-Title: Electro-shock blues
Released: 1998

Sorry, only available in German. Since Marlene is born time is running out....

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